Patsalos Prize

Sponsored by Professor Philip Patsalos and his wife Ellie, London, UK, for the best TDM manuscript published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


Awarded for Best Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Journal Manuscript


Terms of Reference

The Prize will be awarded at the IATDMCT Congress the following years: 2019, 2021, 2023, 2025, 2027, and the prize may not be awarded if a quality manuscript cannot be identified.

Selection Committee

  • IATDMCT President (Chair)
  • IATDMCT Past President
  • Editor-in-Chief (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
  • IATDMCT President-elect

Procedure for manuscript nomination and selection of winner

  1. As soon as possible after the publication of the December issue of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Journal of the year before the award is to be given, the Editor-in-Chief will identify a list of eligible manuscripts and provide it to the to the Selection Committee Chair.
  2. Eligibility criteria include the following:
    1. Full length original research manuscripts published during the two previous years of the year the prize is going to be awarded
      1. (i.e. for the prize awarded in 2019, papers published in 2017 and 2018 will be considered).
    2. Content made an exceptional contribution towards advancing knowledge in the field of TDM, as evaluated using criteria such as:
      1. Originality
      2. Conclusiveness
      3. Study design
      4. Impact on science and practice (enhancing patient treatment/care)
      5. Impact on future developments
      6. Global importance
  3. The Selection Committee Chair will check/verify the first author (to whom the Prize will be awarded) is a current member in good standing of IATDMCT.
  4. The chairperson will prepare a list of all eligible manuscripts and distribute the list to members of the Selection Committee, who will make the final decision of the winner approximately three (3) months prior to the Congress.


  • 5.000€ plus an invitation to make a short presentation approximately 30 min at the IATDMCT Congress in that year.
  • In addition, IATDMCT offers a two-year free membership, anticipating active contributions to IATDMCT by the recipient.


Sponsored by

Philip & Ellie Patsalos

Patsalos Prize


Past Recipients

  • 2021 Florian Lemaitre, France
    for the paper:
    Redefining therapeutic drug monitoring of tacrolimus in liver transplantation: A target trough concentration of 4-7 ng/mL during the first month is safe and improves graft and renal function
    by Lemaitre, Florian PhD; Tron, Camille PhD; Renard, Thomas MD; Jézéquel, Caroline MD; Houssel-Debry, Pauline MD; Bergeat, Damien MD; Pastoret, Cédric MD; Collet, Nicolas PharmD; Petitcollin, Antoine PhD; Verdier, Marie-Clémence PhD; Bardou-Jacquet, Edouard PhD; Camus, Christophe PhD; Boudjema, Karim PhD; Bellissant, Eric PhD; Rayar, Michel MD, on behalf of the i-Trans Rennes Study Group
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 42, Number 3, October 2020, p 671-678
  • 2019 Kristine Hole, Norway
    for the paper:
    Comparison of CYP3A4-Inducing Capacity of Enzyme-Inducing Antiepileptic Drugs Using 4β-Hydroxycholesterol as Biomarker
    by Hole, Kristine MSc; Wollmann, Birgit M. MSc; Nguyen, Camilla MSc; Haslemo, Tore PhD; Molden, Espen PhD
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 40, Number 4, August 2018, p 463-468
  • 2017 Michael Neely, USA
    for the paper:
    Accurately Achieving Target Busulfan Exposure in Children and Adolescents With Very Limited Sampling and the BestDose Software
    by Neely, Michael MD; Philippe, Michael MSc; Rushing, Teresa PharmD; Fu, Xiaowei PhD; van Guilder, Michael PhD; Bayard, David PhD; Schumitzky, Alan PhD; Bleyzac, Nathalie PharmD, PhD; Goutelle, Sylvain PharmD, PhD
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 38, Number 3, June 2016, p 332-342
  • 2015 Laure Elens, Belgium
    for the paper:
    Impact of CYP3A4*22 Allele on Tacrolimus Pharmacokinetics in Early Period After Renal Transplantation: Toward Updated Genotype-Based Dosage Guidelines
    by Elens, Laure PhD; Capron, Arnaud PhD; van Schaik, Ron HN; De Meyer, Martine MD; De Pauw, Luc MD; Eddour, Djamila C.; Latinne, Dominique MD, PhD; Wallemacq, Pierre PharmD, PhD; Mourad, Michel MD, PhD; Haufroid, Vincent PharmD, PhD
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 35, Number 5, October 2013, p 608-616
  • 2013 Franck Saint-Marcoux, France
    for the paper:
    Development and Evaluation of a Simulation Procedure to Take Into Account Various Assays for the Bayesian Dose Adjustment of Tacrolimus
    by Saint-Marcoux, Franck PhD, PharmD; Debord, Jean MD, PhD; Parant, François PharmD, PhD; Labalette, Myriam MD, PhD; Kamar, Nassim MD, PhD; Rostaing, Lionel MD, PhD; Rousseau, Annick PhD; Marquet, Pierre
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 33, Number 2, April 2011, p 171-177
  • 2011 Karl B. Scheidweiler, USA
    for the paper:
    Pharmacokinetics of Cocaine and Metabolites in Human Oral Fluid and Correlation With Plasma Concentrations After Controlled Administration
    by Scheidweiler KB, Spargo EA, Kelly TL, Cone EJ, Barnes AJ, Huestis MA
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 32, Number 5, October 2010, p 628-637
  • 2009 Nils Tore Vethe, Norway
    for the paper:
    Pharmacodynamics of Mycophenolic Acid in CD4+ Cells: A Single-Dose Study of IMPDH and Purine Nucleotide Responses in Healthy Individuals
    by Vethe, Nils Tore MScPharm; Bremer, Sara MScPharm; Rootwelt, Helge MD, PhD; Bergan, Stein PhD
    Published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Volume 30, Number 6, December 2008, p 647-655


Deadline: April 30, 2023 – Nominations must be received by April 15 of the Congress year in ODD years (2023, 2025, etc.).