TDM in Oncology


D.J.A.R. Moes
Lieden, Netherlands


Vikram Gota
Mumbai, India

Committee Purpose

  • Creating and promoting awareness of the need for TDM in cancer therapy,
  • Stimulating studies which demonstrate the utility in improving patient outcomes,
  • Education of the IATDMCT members on advances and opportunities in the area,
  • Education of medical oncologists and regulatory authorities of the importance of TDM in oncology,
  • Development of consensus guidelines for implementation in oncology.

Scope of the Oncology Committee is:

  • TDM for cancer treatment in hematology and oncology,
  • Chemotherapy, molecular targeting therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy,
  • Topics relating to drug concentrations in blood, pharmacogenomics and other biomarkers for the benefit of precision medicine.
  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of busulfan
  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of imatinib
  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of paclitaxel
  • Publication of consensus guideline document for TDM of Imatinib
  • Support for IATDMCT Congress with workshops and symposia

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