Communications Committee

Ryuji Kato

Takatsuki, Japan

Ofelia Noceti

Montevideo, Uruguay

Committee Purpose

The Communications Committee combines an enthusiastic team working on the optimal communication of scientific content via social media, website, and editorials. The Committee is responsible of the visibility of the association and maintaining the information about IATDMCT activities within the TDM community as well for the governance and implementation of the communication strategy. The Communication Committee together with the Directors of Education develops science communication training and provides professional development opportunities for IATDMCT members. The Chair of the Communication Committee reports to the Council and the Executive Committee.

Its mission is to increase and expand the effectiveness of inclusive and accessible science outreach and communication activities through the involvement of IATDMCT members.

The Communications Committee current activities include:

  • Collaborate with the Council, scientific committees, and members to acquire educational materials.
  • Oversee the management of IATDMCT social media platforms, website, and editorials to facilitate real-time scientific interaction with members.
  • Ensure the timely execution of the yearly calendar of postings and editions across various platforms.
  • Promote and coordinate communication activities among the Team during the year.
  • Promote training and professional activities throughout the year to encourage participation and engagement.

The initiatives the Communications Committee has taken are:

  • 2022 – IATDMCT Website Project Launch
  • 2020 – Introduction of SARSCOV2- section in IATDMCT e-news & Website.
  • 2020 – Social Media Platform: Switch from Facebook to Instagram.
  • 2019 – IATDMCT Website restructure