Membership & Journal Award

Awarded to Deserving Individuals who Reside in Designated Developing Countries

Free IATDMCT membership and free subscription to the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring journal will be awarded to deserving individuals residing in designated developing countries.

Deadline: October 31, 2023

Terms of Reference

Please note that no funding to attend the IATDMCT Congress is provided with this Award.
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The purpose of this Award is to foster the educational mission of IATDMCT by providing the benefits of membership and the Journal Therapeutic Drug Monitoring to deserving individuals who work in fields associated with therapeutic drug monitoring or clinical toxicology and who reside in designated Developing Countries.

Funding source

Funding for the IATDMCT Membership & Journal Award will be made through the voluntary contributions of Association members and corporate sponsors. In addition the publishers of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, will provide free subscription to the Journal.

Renewing members can designate contributions to be applied to the “Developing Countries Fund” on the membership renewal form. Corporate sponsors may donate monies to be applied to the “Developing Countries Fund.” Recognition of contributors will be made in the Association newsletter.

The Treasurer will establish and maintain the Fund account. The number of Awards made in a given year will be based on the amount in the Fund divided by the current membership fee. Funds will be provided for a two-year membership and Journal subscription.

Terms of the Award

Each Award recipient shall receive a two-year membership to the Association as well as a subscription to the Journal Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for that period. All benefits of full membership will be awarded.

Who may apply?

Any IATDMCT member in good standing may nominate an individual from a designated developing country who is unable to afford the annual membership dues and Journal subscription.

In addition, applications for this Award will be invited on behalf of members from designated developing countries that have contributed to a Regional Meeting related to the mission of the Association and on behalf of members that have been recommended by members of Council.
Alternatively, individuals from designated developing countries may apply without sponsorship.

Application procedure and terms of the application:
Paper applications will be available from the management office or will be available in electronic form from the Association’s website. Applications should be submitted to the management office by October 31 of the year preceding the Award year. Applications should include the following:

a) A completed application form
b) A statement describing the expected value of IATDMCT membership and access to the Journal to the individual
c) A statement of economic need (e.g., membership fee ($US) and Journal subscription in comparison to income)

Renewal of Award

A recipient can submit an application for renewal to be received by the management office by October 31 of the year preceding the next Award year. The re-applicant must indicate: (1) the benefit Association membership and Journal access has brought to the recipient, (2) how the recipient intends to contribute to the Association during the period of renewal, and justify a continuing case of economic need. Renewal will normally be limited to one two-year Award.

Selection of Awardees

An evaluation committee will be comprised of the four current IATDMCT Councilors and chaired by the Association Secretary who votes only in the event of a tie. The term of service will be two years. The Secretary will receive copies of all applications from the management office and distribute them by fax or e-mail to the committee members by November 5 of the year preceding the Award. Committee members are expected to review the applications and rank their selections from most deserving to least deserving. Consideration may be given to applicants from countries with no members over countries that have current members. Rankings should be returned to the Secretary by November 15. The Secretary will tally the rankings and designate the Awardees according to the amount of available funds. A list of Awardees will be presented for approval to the Executive by December 1. The management office, acting on behalf of the Executive, will notify Awardees in December with the Membership & Journal Award commencing on January 1.
Copies of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring will be sent directly from Lippincott Williams Wilkins on a bi-monthly basis from January to December each year.


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