Young Scientist Activities in Brazil

Young Scientists represent almost half of IATDMCT members. We make an important contribution to our organization and, of course, represent the future of science in the field.

For the 17th International Congress of our Association we will come together in exotic Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. We have several events planned including the Young Scientist Night Out and Young Scientist Symposium.

Bowling at Recanto Cataratas Resort

The Young Scientist Night Out will follow the Welcome Reception at the congress venue, Recanto Cataratas Resort. Young Scientists will move on to the bowling alley and disco area where cocktails (including the traditional capirinha), and light refreshments will be served. If you are concerned about your bowling skills, don’t worry: we have been promised bumper bars are available. IATDMCT YS are known for their dancing skills, so please come join us on the dance floor.

The Young Scientist Symposium has become firmly established in the Scientific Program since the very first symposium in Nice in 2007. This is an invaluable forum for YS to discuss the latest scientific research with their peers, as well as to share about their personal experiences and career advice. This year our Symposium evidences the congress theme “Therapeutic Monitoring of Drugs and Clinical Toxicology for a Globalized World”:  we  will hear from Samiksha Ghimire, who is from Nepal but works in the Netherlands, Jana Stojanova, born in Macedonia, grew up in Australia and works in Chile, and Tomoyuki Mizuno, who is from Japan and works in the  USA. They will cover alternative sampling strategies for TDM, model-informed precision dosing in very young children and the importance of study design and reporting (why IATDMCT members’ work is sometimes over-looked due to oversight of these important aspects of research).

Please joins us for the Young Scientist activities at the Congress in Foz do Iguaçu, an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, to share our work and collaborate, and to show off on the bowling floor and dance floor ???.


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