Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Everolimus: A Consensus Report

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: April 2016 – Volume 38 – Issue 2 – p 143–169
Shipkova, Maria MD; Hesselink, Dennis A. MD, PhD; Holt, David W. DSc(Med); Billaud, Eliane M. PharmD, PhD; van Gelder, Teun MD, PhD; Kunicki, Paweł K. PhD; Brunet, Mercè PhD; Budde, Klemens MD; Barten, Markus J. MD; De Simone, Paolo MD, PhD; Wieland, Eberhard MD; López, Olga Millán PhD; Masuda, Satohiro PhD; Seger, Christoph PhD; Picard, Nicolas PharmD, PhD; Oellerich, Michael MD; Langman, Loralie J. PhD; Wallemacq, Pierre PhD; Morris, Raymond G. PhD; Thompson, Carol BSMT, MBA; Marquet, Pierre MD, PhD

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Abstract: This Consensus Document was developed under the leadership of the Immunosuppressive Drugs Scientific Committee of IATDMCT. It provides recommendations to guide the optimal use of everolimus in clinical practice, taking into account drug characteristics, specific clinical situations, and methodological issues. The recommendations are based on in-depth literature research and expert discussions. The Document is intended for professionals who are involved in the management of transplant and non-transplant patients receiving therapy with everolimus, as well as for those who perform analyses of drug concentrations or participate in the development of analytical methods. It aims to improve both standards of practice and patient care.