One Year of Interviews on the IATDMCT Blog

At the IATDMCT Stuttgart congress in 2011, Professor Pierre Marquet entered as the new President and presented the results of an inquiry: he’d asked members to describe their innovations and initiatives in , applied at their respective centres. With the updated IATDMCT website, the Communication’s Committee proposed a space for a regular blog of member interviews to gauge clinical innovations, representing different parts of the world as varied as our members.


The blog started in 2015, and we have had responses from almost all continents. It has been a pleasure to find out (in a less formal manner compared to published research) what members have been up to. It has also been great to hear about different challenges, and how these were overcome. Finally, it has been great to hear various opinions from these leaders on where they think these fields are headed.

A huge thanks to:


We’d also like to thank past, present and future presidents who answered: “What do you consider the greatest benefit of being a member of the IATDMCT?” and various colleagues we crossed paths with at the congress who answered: “What did you take home with you from the recent congress?”

You’re not supposed to have favourites, but Denny’s interview struck a chord with various colleagues who read it, making a real impact in patient care yet in a resource limited setting. I’ll finish by quoting Denny, who challenges the Nike slogan: “Don’t ‘Just Do It’, do it right” with respect to their achievements in implementing immunosuppressant TDM in Vellore.

If you would like to share your experiences, please contact the Communication’s Committee for an interview, similar to the ones published on the blog


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