Eight Drugs a Week, Episode 7 – Back to when it all started: Get back!

The recent congress in Oslo was a huge success. We were very glad to catch up with colleagues and hear about some really excellent science. We also bumped into Steve Wong and Phil Walson, first and third presidents of the IATDMCT, and we were delighted they obliged us with an interview about the origins of the Association.

Like with any good origin story, Steve and Phil are true superheroes. Both have held numerous leadership positions in their professions and in professional associations, achieved international cooperation agreements, and advocated nationally and internationally for the quality use of medicines.

We were so wrapped in this interview, that we totally forgot to ask Steve and Phil what their favourite Beatles are – we’ll just have to have them (Get) back!

In this episode we hear about:

  • the history and development of the Association, its early years and key figures that contributed to its success.
  • the first meetings in Osaka and Chicago, that were followed by the inaugural IATDMCT event in Barcelona.
  • the organization’s international representation and camaraderie among members.
  • the dedication to being international from the start and an emphasis on supporting young scientists.
  • the origins and developments of the TDM Journal.


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About our guests:

Steve is professor of pathology, director of the clinical chemistry and toxicology laboratory, and co-director of the Clinical and Translational Mass Spectrometry Center at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Phil is a Paediatrician, Clinical Pharmacologist, and Medical Toxicologist, was Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Division of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and is a visiting Professor at the Georg-August-Universitat Medical School, Goettingen, Germany.


The content of the IATDMCT Blog does not necessarily have the endorsement of the Association.

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