Spotlight on the June 2017 Compass

THE 15th IATDMCT CONGRESS: Expansion and Evolution of TDM/CT

This month we are bringing to you an article from the June 2017 Compass which provides an exciting overview on the upcoming IATDMCT 2017 Congress, Kyoto, Japan.  It highlights important dates, registration information, scientific program details, social events and the planned Young Scientists activities.
We look forward to seeing you all in Kyoto!

Many thanks to Organisers for this article:
Yusuke Tanigawara (Congress Chair, left
Takehito Yamamoto (IATDMCT YS Committee member), far left)


Early Bird Registration Deadline is June 30, 2017
» Register Today!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Early Bird Registration offering the most inexpensive price.  The Early Bird Registration deadline is June 30, 2017 and the Advanced Registration deadline is August 31, 2017 in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).

Furthermore, there is an additional benefit for Early Bird and Advanced Registration. Participants registering before August 31 will receive a thermos flask with the logo of IATDMCT 2017. This is available in a choice of colours and would enable participants to carry hot or cold drinks during the Congress. This privilege is a special gift only for Early Bird/Advanced registrants, and is not provided to the on-site registrants.


Exciting Scientific Program

The Congress received 365 abstracts from 34 countries of all continents and accepted 357 abstracts as oral or poster presentations. The Local Organizing Committee picked up several abstracts to Scientific Symposia with related topics. An updated program will be available in the Kyoto Congress web page.

Currently, we plan 3 plenary lectures with evolutionary topics, 18 symposia covering TDM and CT fields, together with special session of IATDMCT–JSTDM joint symposia. Speakers may also serve a tutor role of roundtable discussions, and the TDM Journal editors will meet and talk with you at ‘meet the Editor’ session.


Plenary Lectures

  • Mass spectrometry for research and clinical implementation of TDM&CT.
    Hans H. Maurer (Saarland University, Germany), Monday, September 25
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring is needed for monoclonal antibodies.
    Diane Mould (Projections Research, USA), Tuesday, September 26
  • Circulating cell-free DNA as a new tool for personalized pharmacotherapy.
    Michael Oellerich (University Medicine Göttingen, Germany), Wednesday, September 27 


Symposia (planned)

  • IATDMCT–JSTDM Joint Symposium
    Expansion and Evolution of TDM and CT
  • IATDMCT–JSTCM YS Joint Symposium
  • Dried blood spot analysis: Are we ready for implementation?
  • TDM for multi-drug resistant organisms
  • Applying TDM to HIV and TB therapy
  • Pharmacometric approach on anti-infective medications
  • TDM for central nervous system drugs
  • TDM for cardiovascular and endocrine diseases
  • Biomarkers and TDM of Immunosuppressive drugs
  • TDM for the management of cancer therapy
  • TDM of 5-FU
  • Progress of TDM for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Assay and screening for drugs in clinical and forensic toxicology
  • Herbal Medicines: Toxicity, interactions and interferences in TDM
  • Drug exposure during pregnancy and lactation
  • Debate session: Generics
  • TDM in Asia
  • Young Scientist Symposium


Post-Congress Symposium on Thursday, September 28
Theme: “Guidelines and Consensus Documents for TDM”

  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Everolimus
    Immunosuppressive Drugs Scientific Committee of the IATDMCT
  • Guidelines on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Immunosuppressive Drugs Used in Organ Transplantation
    Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (JSTDM)
  • Analytical methods of Measurement for Immunosuppressive Drug Concentrations
    Immunosuppressive Drugs Scientific Committee of the IATDMCT
  • Dried blood spot (DBS) sampling and analysis guideline
    Alternative Sampling Strategies Committee of the IATDMCT
  • Guidelines for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Cardiovascular Drugs
    Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (JSTDM)
  • Draft Guideline on TDM of 5–FU
    TDM in Oncology Scientific Committee of the IATDMCT
  • Busulfan TDM: Current consensus and discrepancy
    TDM in Oncology Scientific Committee of the IATDMCT
  • Concept paper on imatinib TDM
    TDM in Oncology Scientific Committee of the IATDMCT
  • Guidelines for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drugs
    Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (JSTDM)


Social Program

According to the tradition of IATDMCT, we will plan a series of social events during the Congress.

  • ‘Opening Ceremony’ followed by the ‘Opening reception’
    Sunday, September 24
  • ‘Wine & cheese reception’ modified to Japanese style with Sake and Japanese snack
    Monday, September 25
  • ‘Congress dinner’
    Tuesday, September 26
  • and more…


Welcome young scientists

The Kyoto Congress offers half price of the regular registration fee for young IATDMCT members with age under 40 years, and also offers the similar price for full time students notwithstanding the IATDMCT membership. The Congress Organizers strongly encourage and welcome young scientists and students to join us at the IATDMCT Congress.


Invitation for the young scientists’ events

One of the distinctive features of the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT) is the active contribution of young scientists (YS). Almost half of IATDMCT members are YS (under 40 years), and the Young Scientists Committee (YSC) organized many events for YS members at the biannual congress.

During the 15th International Congress of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT 2017, Kyoto), YSC of local society (Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, JSTDM) and IATDMCT will cooperatively organize following YS events. We look forward to having all YS participants join us!


Brief Schedule of YS Events*

Date Event Fee Attendee
Sept. 24th (Sun) JSTDM & IATDMCT Joint Symposium All participants
Sept. 25th (Mon) YS Night Out 3,000 JPY Mainly YS
Sept. 26th (Tue) IATDMCT YS Symposium All participants
Sept. 26th (Tue) YS Lunch Free YS only

*The Schedule may be changed. Please follow the latest information on the 2017 Congress Website.


JSTDM & IATDMCT Joint Symposium, IATDMCT YS Symposium

Fortunately, there will be two symposia organized by YS members during the IATDMCT 2017.  First is JSTDM & IATDMCT Joint Symposium, which is organized aftere extensive discussions between YSC of JSTDM and IATDMCT. In this session, two Japanese YS from JSTDM and two IATDMCT YS members will present their latest scientific achievements.  The second is IATDMCT YS symposium. In this session, four distinct IATDMCT YS members will make presentation relating to their work.  Although these two symposia are open for all participants, we hope that many YS participants attend these symposia and listen to the excellent lectures. And further, we anticipate lively discussions between speakers and YS attendees.


YS Lunch

On Sept. 25th, we have reserved the room for YS lunch to encourage communication among YS participants. The delicious lunch box will be served to all attendees, but you may get lost in conversation. Why don’t you have an enjoyable lunchtime with your friends?


YS Night Out

YS night out is an unofficial YS event, and YS participants move to downtown Kyoto and enjoy a party. The first YS night out was held in the last congress in Rotterdam. This time, we arranged the second YS night in IATDMCT 2017, Kyoto. The venue for second YS night out is “NINJYA KYOTO,” a restaurant imitating the house of Ninja (Japanese professional spy). We prepared the buffet food and unlimited drinks for the YS night out, and if we are lucky, we can enjoy the NINJA performance. Let’s have an enjoyable and exiting night with your friends from all over the world!

Notice: Registration is needed to attend the YS night out, and we offer 3,000 JPY per person as participation fee.
» Please visit the registration site for more details.


Don’t forget to check the latest information on IATDMCT 2017 official website!

All details of the scientific program, social events including YS events, exhibitors, excursions, hotels and transportation information regarding the Congress will be sequentially updated. Please check the IATDMCT 2017 official website. Japanese TDM colleagues are your host. We sincerely welcome you and look forward to meeting you in Kyoto


Excerpted from the June 2017 Compass
» Click here for the full Compass article (including images).


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IATDMCT 2017 Congress, Kyoto, Japan