Introducing: Eight Drugs a Week – an IATDMCT podcast!

“Why is the podcast called Eight Drugs a Week?” we hear you ask. This is a reference to our shared love of the Beatles, which we are using as a vehicle to colour the podcast project. You will notice that title of each episode will connect that episode’s theme with the title of a Beatle song. We will also be checking in with our guests to find out who their favourite Beatle is so you will need to follow to find out which Beatle the world’s Pharmacologists prefer.

In our inaugural episode of Eight Drugs a Week we are very lucky to be joined by two former IATDMCT Presidents, Loralie Langman and Pierre Marquet. Both are very well known for their work with immunosuppressant drugs, particularly in the context of transplantation.


In this episode we hear about:

  • Planning the ideal immunosuppressant monitoring program in solid organ transplant recipients
  • Why France is ahead of the curve in immunosuppressant TDM
  • Why a particular mycophenolate TDM RCT is the ‘poster study’ for TCI in the TCI vs TDM debate (Florian and I are, of course, #teamTDM)
  • Lessons learned in microsampling using DBS and VAMs for immunosuppressant monitoring


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About our guests:

Loralie Langman is one of the Directors of the Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, as well as a Consultant for the Personalized Genomics Laboratory. She is Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

Pierre Marquet is Professor of Pharmacology at the Medical School, University of Limoges, France. He heads the pharmacology-toxicology department at Limoges University Hospital and is director of the research unit “Pharmacology and Transplantation”.


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Eight Drugs a Week