Clinical Toxicology & Drugs of Misuse


Eric Franssen
Utrecht, Netherlands


Peter Zweipfenning
MVZ Labor Stein, Germany

Committee Purpose

  • To educate a new generation of toxicologists
  • To provide evidence-based recommendations for CTDOA scientists, clinicians, laboratory and health care personal about drugs of use and misuse and their interactions.
  • To promote the knowledge and understanding of drug analysis, clinical toxicological normal and abnormal values and interpretation of results.
  • To develop communication between scientists and physicians of all disciplines involved in Clinical Toxicology of therapeutics and drugs of misuse.
  • To enhance the collaboration between all the toxicologists belonging to the committee and the members of other committees.
  • To encourage the effective application of CT in all aspects of medicine, with the aim of optimizing clinical therapeutic use, avoid drug adverse reactions or interaction between drugs of use and misuse and maximizing the clinical and economic benefits.
  • To focus on Pharmacogenetics — Immuno-pharmaco-genetics — Personalized medicine.
  • Alain Verstraete is a member of the Communication Committee IATDMCT
  • Manuela Neuman is a co-editor of e-news.

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Publication in Compass: 2019-2020

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