The inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting concludes successfully

This October we held the inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting on anti-infective TDM which included the enthusiastic participation of IATDMCT members Debbie Marriott, Danijela Kocic, Jane Carland, Sophie Stocker, Miao Yan, Jason Roberts, president Dario Cattaneo and president-elect Jan-Willem Alffenaar. We were joined by colleagues from the region, Lee Lee Low (Malaysia), Jayme Wong Sau Yeng and Tze-Peng Lim (Singapore). The meeting took place over two days, the first primarily focusing on laboratory aspects of TDM and the second on clinical implementation. It was really fantastic to hear a variety of local experiences!


The workshop aimed to raise awareness and build capacity in TDM and the measurement of drug concentrations to enable personalised dosing. The thirst to develop TDM expertise in the region was demonstrated by more than 1000 registrants and feedback from attendees requesting the event be repeated. Despite the webinar format, the audience was very participative and asked excellent questions. Although the time zone was unfriendly for some of the speakers, they generously stayed online to answer the audience’s questions!

At the start of each session, we asked attendees what they were hoping to learn from the session (below). We plan to use these responses, as well as suggestions from the post-event survey to inform future meetings.

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Members that may have missed the event can access all the recordings in the resources area.

We are hoping to repeat the event at least annually, and looking forward to include more speakers from the greater Asia-Pacific region. We are also planning a similar event for South America in March 2022, so stay tuned for more information!

We hope these events facilitate collaboration and promote best practice, and ultimately increase the successful implementation of TDM globally for the benefit of patients.


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