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IATDMCT Latin America Regional Meeting 2022

March 16-17, 2022 │ Virtual Meeting
IATDMCT Latin America Regional Meeting


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18:00-21:30 (UTC-3)
Video Link Icon Day 1 Recording

Introduction and welcome
Dario Cattaneo, IATDMCT President

Logistics of running a TDM laboratory
Dr Danijela Kocic, Australia

Selecting the right bioanalytical approach
A/Prof Dario Cattaneo, Italy

Capillary microsampling strategies in bioanalysis for TDM and toxicology
Prof Rafael Linden, Brazil

TDM of anti-tuberculous drugs
Prof Jan-Willem Alffenaar, Australia

Implementation of a TDM service
Dr Sophie Stocker, Australia

Barriers to clinical implementation of TDM
Dr Jane Carland, Australia

Precision dosing in a tertiary care paediatric hospital in Argentina. Outcomes and challenges
Dr Paula Schaiquevich, Argentina

Round Table Discussion
Chair: Prof Debbie Marriott, Australia

18:00-21:30 (UTC-3)
Video Link Icon Day 2 Recording

Use of free tissue concentrations at the infection site to establish antimicrobial’s treatment
Prof Teresa Dalla Costa, Brazil

Building Pharmacometrics capabilities in Latin America: Opportunities in the clinical setting
A/Prof Manuel Ibarra, Uruguay

Artificial intelligence/machine learning: a real opportunity for non-parametric approaches
Prof Andres Zuluaga, Colombia

Better patient care with precision dosing
Prof Michael Neely, USA

Clinical utility of TDM
Prof Debbie Marriott, Australia

Clinical Pharmacokinetics, a Chilean perspective
Dr Leslie Escobar, Chile

Evaluation of TDM services
Dr Jana Stojanova, Australia/Chile

TDM in intensive care
Prof Jason Roberts, Australia

TDM in Latin America —the next phase: Round table discussion
Chair: A/Prof Dario Cattaneo, Italy