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Toxicology and Environmental Health Committee

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Nicolas Venisse 
Poitiers, France


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Toxicology and Environmental Health Committee

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David W. Kinniburgh
Alberta, Canada

Background & Purpose of the Committee

The toxicology and environmental health committee was founded in 2017 at the IATDMCT Congress in Kyoto with the objective of promoting this emerging field of toxicology.

  • The committee's objectives are:
    • To promote and disseminate research in this area.
    • To bring together scientists and enhance collaboration and communication among groups working in the field.
    • To establish recommendations in the field (bioanalytical validation)
    • To educate IATDMCT members on advances and opportunities in the area
  • Scope of the committee is:
    • Assessement of human exposure to environmental contaminants through the use human biomonitoring
    • Optimization of human biomonitoring targets through the development of biomarkers, bio-analytical methods, toxicokinetics and toxicokinetic modeling (physiologically-based toxicokinetic modeling)
    • Potential linkage of exposure to environmental contaminants and clinical effects and application to laboratory medicine
    • Exposome assessment for health promotion and health risk assessment


 At the IATDMCT Kyoto Congress, the committee formally commenced its activities with the first committee meeting and a symposium focused on toxicology and environmental health.

Committee Initiatives for 2018/2019

  • Support the program for the 2018 congress by proposing symposia.
  • Article in Compass describing committee activities (submitted)

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2016/2017

This committee was established in 2017

Additional Committee Resources

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