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TDM in Oncology

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Erik van Maarseveen
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TDM in Oncology Committee

Gareth Veal


Gareth Veal
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Background & Purpose of the Committee

Objectives of the Oncology Committee are:

  • Creating and promoting awareness of the need for TDM in cancer therapy,
  • Stimulating studies which demonstratethe utility in improving patient outcomes,
  • Education of the IATDMCT members on advances and opportunities in the area,
  • Education of medical oncologists and regulatory authorities of the importance of TDM in oncology,
  • Development of consensus guidelines for implementationncology.

Scope of the Oncology Committee is:

  • TDM for cancer treatment in hematology and oncology,
  • Chemotherapy, molecular targeting therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy,
  • Topics relating to drug concentrations in blood, pharmacogenomics and other biomarkers for the benefit of precision medicine.

Committee Initiatives for 2019/2020

  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of busulfan
  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of imatinib
  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of paclitaxel
  • Support the 2019 and 2020 meetings with workshops and symposia

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2018

  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of 5-Fluorourac.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

  1. 1 candidate for committee vice-chair – Gareth Veal. Acceptance was unanimous by all on the call, and he will serve 2 years as vice-chair followed by 2 years as chair.
  2. The Banff meeting proposals in the spreadsheet were discussed. It was emphasized that there must be diversity in gender and representative countries when considering speakers.
  3. Among the proposed topics/sessions, there was consensus for the following to be proposed: TDM, genotyping, phenotyping for 5-FU therapy (3 speakers); TDM of taxanes (3 speakers); TDM of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (2 speakers, 1 for hematologic and 1 for solid tumors); Pro/Con session regarding TDM of mAb therapies (4 speakers, 2 pro and 2 con)
  4. The committee will propose a plenary speaker to focus on TDM/Precision Medicine in Oncology.
  5. There as lack of consensus for other topics discussed.
  6. Care will be taken to invite new speakers when possible, rather than recycling speakers from previous meetings.