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Young Scientist Committee


Committee Purpose

The Young Scientist Committee was formed at the 2005 Congress in Louisville Kentucky, by founding Chair Frank Peters, while Hans Maurer was president. Since then, the Young Scientist membership has grown significantly and YS have become an integral part of the IATDMCT.

Benefits of membership:

  • reduced membership and Congress fees
  • YS activities at Congresses: YS Night Out, YS Symposium and scientific recognition through YS awards
  • opportunity for networking and collaboration with colleagues that have unrivalled expertise in TDM and CT

YS are very active members of the IATDMCT and contribute to:

  • the Young Scientist Corner of the Compass
  • organise YS Congress activities and recognise outstanding contributions of Young Scientist members through awards
  • participate in IATDMCT social media channels including LinkedIn, @IATDMCT on Twitter and Facebook

We encourage YS members to participate in our activities and young investigators that are not members to join IATDMCT and become part of our vibrant Association.

The 2019/20 Young Scientist Committee would like to acknowledge the contribution of recently ‘retiring’ members Nicolas Picard, Sarah Wille, Indy Sandaradura and, especially, recent former-chair, Markus Meyer.