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Standards Of Practice Committee

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Phillip E. Morgan
London, UK


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Standards of Practice Committee

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Simon Handley
London, UK

Background & Purpose of the Committee

The standards of laboratory practice committee was founded in 1997 at the IATDMCT Congress in Vancouver with the objective of developing guidelines for standards of best practice in TDM&CT. In 2012 the name was changed to Standards of Practice Committee, reflecting the broader role of the committee beyond just laboratory aspects of TDM &CT.

The purpose of the committee can be summarised as follows:

  • To promote best practice TDM&CT, especially in relation to analysis of biological fluids for exogenous and endogenous pharmacologically active compounds, but also including aspects of sample collection and interpretation of results to provide optimal patient outcomes
  • To enhance communication on all aspects of TDM &CT amongst professionals employed in this area
  • To encourage excellence and scientific rigour in the practice of TDM &CT.

Committee Initiatives for 2016/2017

  • Support the program of the 2017 meeting by proposing workshops, roundtables etc.
  • Support SOP members and individual members of IATDMCT with specific enquiries related to standards of Practice issues
  • Establish links with appropriate regulatory bodies in order to provide advice and help to members undergoing laboratory accreditation
  • Support regional TDM meetings by provision of speakers
  • Provide advice and educational support to relevant national and international regulatory and professional bodies in relation to TDM matters, as appropriate

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2014/2015

  • Provision of topics and leaders for 2 breakfast roundtables, 5 workshops, and 1 symposium at the 2015 IATDMCT Congress in Rotterdam
  • Advice provided to an IATDMCT member/s regarding matters involving compliance with national accreditation
  • Successful bid to host 2018 IATDMCT Congress in Sydney Australia by a group including members of the SOP

Additional Committee Resources

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