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Pharmacometrics Committee

Brenda de Winter


Brenda de Winter
Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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Pharmacometrics Committee

 Jean-Baptiste Woillard


Jean-Baptiste Woillard
Limoges, France

Background & Purpose of the Committee

Pharmacometrics (PM) has become progressively a key science in the drug development process and increasingly gaining importance in clinical study design and patient care, e.g. to inform dosing decisions within the framework of thereapeutic drug monitoring. It involves the development of (PB)PK or PK/PD or PK/PD/PG models that provide knowledge about the behaviour of a drug and how it can be optimally used. We believe pharmacometrics can help to describe or predict drug concentrations, their relationship with drug effects and clinical impacts. The application of PM models, e.g. using software tools, can also be very helpful to render personalized dose adjustments based on a patient’s individual parameters available in the clinical setting.

The aims of the pharmacometrics committee are:

  • Advance the field of "model-informed precision dosing" and its application in the clinical setting across different therapeutic areas
  • Improve the design of clinical trials based on PM models using optimising study designs
  • To develop and share educational tools about clinical pharmacometrics
  • To have transversal activities with other committees of the IATDMCT
  • To actively participate in joint meetings with other societies

Committee Members

  • Brenda de Winter (Chair)
  • Jean-Baptiste Woillard (Vice-Chair)
  • Maurice Ahsman
  • Erwin Dreesen
  • Sven van Dijkman
  • Ron Keizer
  • Iris Minichmayr
  • Tomoyuki Mizuno
  • Dirk Jan Moes
  • Michael Neely
  • Paula Schaiquevich
  • Sebastian Wicha

Additional Committee Resources

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