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Pharmacogenetics Committee

Jesse Swen


Jesse Swen


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Pharmacogenetics Committee

Nicolas Picard


Nicholas Picard

Background & Purpose of the Committee

  • To promote the knowledge about clinically relevant DNA testing to optimize drug therapy
  • To enhance the translation of research into clinical practice
  • To encourage discussions on the clinical relevance of specific pharmacogenetics tests, to encourage research into clinically important areas with respect to drug treatment
  • To encourage interaction between pharmacologist and toxicologist to promote "toxicogenetics"

Activities Planned/Committee Initiatives Currently in Progress

  • Make proposal for IATDMCT PGx session in the next Congress.
  • Propose/validate a (minimal) NGS panel to be used for pharmacogenetic applications in the field of TDM and CT (to be published in IATDMCT Compass).
  • Explore the need for updated PGx guidelines in immunosuppressive therapy.
  • Increase membership.

Past Years' Activities Held/Committee Initiatives

  • Informed members of IATDMCT on current discussions regarding PGx testing, on new potentially interesting pharmacogenetic markers, and the emergence of new technologies
  • Organization of 2 PGx sessions in Foz do Iguaçu 2019
    Morning session PGx on Tamoxifen (23/09/2019), Dr J. Swen and Dr Y. Tanigawara
    Symposium on PGx in oncology (25/09/2019) DPYD and 5-FU, Dr T. van Gelder; UGT1A1 and beyond, Dr J.C. Boyer; ABCG2 and TKIs Dr T. Terada

Publications, Scientific Contributions

  • Haufroid V and Picard N (2019) Pharmacogenetics biomarkers predictive of drug pharmacodynamics as an additional tool to therapeutic drug monitoring (invited editor: Shipkova M). Ther Drug Monit, 41: 121-130.
  • Haufroid V, Hesselink D, Elens L, MacPhee I, Masuda S, Picard N, van Gelder T, Van Schaik R (2019) Contribution to the “pharmacogenetic chapter” for the second consensus report on Tacrolimus TDM (invited editors: Brunet M and Bergan S). Ther Drug Monit, 41: 261-307.
  • Picard N and Haufroid V on behalf of the Pharmacogenetics Committee. Physician and pharmacist awareness and education about pharmacogenetics: The next challenge for clinical implementation? IATDMCT Compass December 2018: 9-10.
  • Haufroid V and Picard N on behalf of the Pharmacogenetics Committee. Genotyping versus Phenotyping: The case of fluoropyrimidines. IATDMCT Compass June 2019: 9-10.