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Scientific Committees
Immunosuppressives Drugs Committee
Biomarkers Working Group

Background & Purpose of the Committee

  • To promote the study of promising biomarkers in the detection of individual immune response and in the prediction of the risk of rejection, immunosuppressant–related toxicity and graft dysfunction;
  • To enhance cross validation biomarkers in independent populations and different laboratories, using the same standardized methodology, to guide therapy in clinical practice, to prevent drug-induced adverse effects and improve treatment efficacy;
  • To coordinate specific research on biomarkers of immunosuppression, as a complement to pharmacokinetics, and to develop improved models for better multiple PK/PD data analysis correlation and their impact on clinical outcome;
  • To encourage consensus documents on PK/PD monitoring by the BWG for the promotion of new approaches in immunosuppressive drug selection and adjustment, to achieve safer personalized treatment; and
  • To participate in the design of prospective multicentric clinical studies, as a part of a multidisciplinary group of specialist, for clinical validation of biomarkers of immunosuppression.

Committee Initiatives

  • To perform a Consensus Document and to edit a Special Issue of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring on Biomarkers of Immunosuppression in Transplantation
    Project Coordination: Mercè Brunet, Michael Oellerich
  • Submission of materials for the educational area of the IATDMCT website
  • BWG of the Immunosuppressive Drugs Committee representation at scientific meetings and congresses
  • Coordination of a European Grant Applied for FP7-HEALTH-2012 two-stage. -Innovation-1 HEALTH.2012.1.4-1: Innovative approaches to Solid Organ Transplantation: “Clinical Application of Biomarkers for Personalized Immunosuppression in Transplantation”. This project involves several members of the Biomarker Working Group.
  • Preliminary organization of the III European Symposium on Biomarkers of Immunosuppression that involved the active participation of BWG members (IATDMCT auspices)
  • Participation on the Symposium S2502: Pharmacodynamic Monitoring
    Biomarkers of Immunosuppression in Transplantation
    Mercè Brunet, Leader of the Biomarker Working Group of the Scientific Committee of IDs
    Moderator: Leslie M. Shaw
    XIII Congress of the IATDMCT Salt Lake City, September 2013
  • IV Symposium on Biomarkers of Immunosuppression and Clinical Outcome in Transplantation: New Approaches on TDM of Immunosuppressive Drugs.
    Barcelona, December 11-12 2014
    Scientific Coordination: Mercè Brunet and Pierre Wallemacq