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Immunosuppressive Drugs Committee

Stein Bergan


Stein Bergan
Oslo, Norway


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Immunosuppressive Drugs Committee

Satohiro Masuda


Satohiro Masuda
Chiba, Japan

Background & Purpose of the Committee

  • To provide evidence-based recommendations for TDM of immunosuppressive agents;
  • To promote the knowledge and understanding of immunosuppressive drug analysis and interpretation of results;
  • To enhance communication between scientists and physicians of all disciplines involved in TDM of immunosuppressive drugs; and
  • To encourage the effective application of TDM in transplant medicine, with the aim of optimizing clinical drug use and maximizing the clinical and economic benefits.

Committee Initiatives for 2018-2019

  • Consensus Documents
  • Mercè Brunet and Stein Bergan will coordinate the Second Consensus Document on TDM and personalized treatment for Tacrolimus. It is expected that all members of the Committee will actively participate in this project. The Second Consensus Document on Tacrolimus will be prepared during 2018 and published in TDM at the end of 2018.

  • Second Consensus Document on Biomarkers of ISDs in Transplantation
  • Uwe Christians, as Leader of the Biomarker Working Group, will coordinate this consensus document. The preparation of the manuscript will take place during 2018, to be published in TDM, 2019. Uwe Christians will contact all members of the BWG.

  • Participation in Symposiums and workshops
  • Contributions to the scientific program of 16th IATDMCT Congress, Brisbane 2018. Proposals for: plenary lectures, symposiums, and workshops.Participation on a Symposium on precise medicine in the XXXIV Congress SECQ&FLM (EuroMedLab) Joint Scientific Meeting. Insight PK-PG-PD monitoring combination and its clinical impact in personalized immunosuppression. With the participation of some members of the Scientific Committee of Immunosuppressive Drugs of the IATDMCT. Barcelona 2019. Coordination Mercè Brunet.

  • Active participation in the Compass
  • One or two articles could be published, for some members of the Committee, in the Compass per year.

  • Active participation in supplying materials for the website, including educational materials.
  • Mercè Brunet and Stein Bergan will coordinate the contribution of the Committee

  • New activities of the Working Groups of the Immunosuppressive Drugs Committee
  • Biomarkers Working Group. Leader: Uwe Christians
    Coordination of the Second Consensus Document on Biomarkers of ISDs in Transplantation, and other activities of this WG during 2018-2019. Al members of the BWG will participate

    Standardization of ISD TDM Working Group. Leaders: Christoph Seeger, Loralie Langman
    New project that essentially has 2 parts: The analytical standardisation driven by the IFCC and a committee co-chaired by Loralie and Christoph Seger, and the implementation of the standardisation leading to all laboratories providing “identical” results, which will be driven by the ISDs Committee. It is expected that a great deal of our members will participate.

    Intracellular tacrolimus measurement Working Group. Leader: Florian Lemaitre.
    This new Working Group was presented during the meeting in Kyoto. The first move will be to write practice guidelines about the analytical and pre-analytical aspects of monitoring intracellular levels of ISDs (to be published in TDM).

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2016-2017

  • Preparation of a review article on Generic Immunosuppressive Drugs and TDM
    Project coordination: Tomasz Pawinski, Pawel Kunicki
  • Formation of a project group “Standardization of Immunosuppressive Drug Measurement Services” (in partnership with the IFCC).
    Project coordination: Christoph Seeger, Maria Shipkova, Uwe Christians and Loralie Langman
  • Preparation of an updated tacrolimus consensus document with the organization of a consensus meeting
    Project coordination: Dennis Hesselink, Teun van Gelder, Pierre Marquet
  • Preparation of standardized LC-MS methods for TDM of biodrugs
    Project coordination: Pierre Marquet
  • Submission of materials for the educational area of the IATDMCT website
    Project coordination: Mercè Brunet, Dennis Hesselink, Maria Shipkova
  • Committee representation at scientific meetings and congresses
    Project coordination: All
    • Scheduled:
      • 4th EFLM-UEMS congress, Warsaw, Poland, Sep 2016 (Wieland, Marquet, Kunicki, Hesselink)
      • 15th IATDMCT Congress, Kyoto, Japan, 2017

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