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Clinical Toxicology/Drugs of Abuse Committee

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Manuela Neuman
Toronto, ON, Canada


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Clinical Toxicology/DOA Committee

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Katharina Rentsch
Basel, Switzerland

Background & Purpose of the Committee

To promote and advance the discipline of Clinical Toxicology within the Association by:

  • Developing relevant practice guidelines, when appropriate, in particular fields of clinical toxicology and drugs of abuse testing;
  • Publishing articles and other professional notes in the field of clinical toxicology and drugs of abuse in the Newsletter and on the web page;
  • Assist in the holding of specialist workshops and symposia at the IATDMCT Congresses;
  • Developing links and partnerships with other relevant professional societies; and
  • Attracting new members to the Association with interests in clinical toxicology and drugs of abuse.

Committee Initiatives for 2016/2017

  • Contributions to Compass:
    • Neuman: Alcohol and organ damage – 1st newsletter 2016
    • Touw: A review/tox case – 2nd newsletter 2016
    • Rentsch: TBA – 3rd newsletter 2016
    • Johnson-Davis: TBA – 1st newsletter 2017
    • Franssen: TBA – 2nd newsletter 2017
    • Steenkamp: TBA – 3rd newsletter 2017
    • Kwong and Sun to be asked to provide contributions
  • Participate in joint meetings with other Associations:
    • AACC Symposium
    • IATDMCT European regional meeting: Turkey

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2014/2015

  • Contributions to Compass (2014)
    • Neuman: Alcohol interactions with drug of use. A therapeutic misadventure.
    • Himes/Huestis: Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry assay for 20 antiretrovirals in meconium.
    • Meyer/Maurer: High-resolution MS (HRMS) in clinical and forensic toxicology and drug metabolism studies.
    • Ketha/Langman: Lessons Learnt at the Clinic- Laboratory Monitoring of Rivaroxaban.
    • Neuman: Report on the 8th Conference of the Romanian Association of Medical Laboratories.
    • McMillin: Report on the 19th Dubai International Pharmacy Conference and Exhibit
  • Contributions to Compass (2015)
    • Touw: A severe case of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide intoxication that was successfully treated with a combined treatment with N-Acetylcysteine and haemodialysis, a case report.
    • Neuman: Hangover and Antihangover.
    • Wong: Personalized/Precision/Predictive Medicine and Personalized Justice – A President’s View from 30,000 feet.
    • Johnson-Davis, McMillin, Signorelli: Nicotine Metabolite Testing.
    • Neuman: Report on the Proceedings of the alcohol symposium held in Israel.
  • Conference/workshop organizing/hosting (2014)
    • Steenkamp – organizing and scientific committee of World Congress of Pharmacology, Cape Town, South Africa, 13-18 July 2014, in which IATDMCT held a symposium
    • Langman – Clinical and Analytical Issues of New Designer Drugs, Chair/Program Developer, AACC 2014 Annual Meeting, Symposia, Chicago, Illinois, 07/2014 sponsored by the IATDMCT
    • Rentsch – organizing and scientific committee of Annual Assembly of the Swiss Society for Clinical Chemistry, Basel, Switzerland, 29-31 November 2015 Invited lectures
    • McMillin – presented a symposium (pharmacogenetics) and a workshop (detection of neonatal drug exposures) at DUPHAT on behalf of IATDMCT in March, 2014
    • Neuman – IATDMCT- regional symposium, Sibiu Romania 6-8 June, 2014, 5th Balkan Course of Hepatology, Bucharest, Romania, 3 October, 2014: Alcohol and Liver
  • Other Activities
    • IATDMCT meeting in Rotterdam (2015)
      • Symposia
        Alcohol and drugs of abuse: a deadly combination: Manuela Neuman
        Toxins and Adverse reactions: Vanessa Steenkamp
      • Workshops
        New designer drugs: Marilyn Heustis
        Developments in paracetamol intoxications: Nick Bateman
        Clinical toxicology and poison information: Frank Jansman
      • Roundtables
        Use of pharmacogenetics in resolution of post-mortem cases: Saeed Jortani
        Controversies in treatment of toxicological cases: Loralie Langman
        Alcohol detection in hair: Pascal Kintz
      • Pre-conference symposium
        Novel psychoactive substances – A toxicological challenge: Hans Maurer
    • Neuman – symposium "Alcohol and the Liver- A new challenge". Israel, January 20, 2015
    • McMillin, Clarke, Marzinke – A survey of Personalized Medicine: the PGx, PK and PD of it All. Symposium held at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2015 meeting in Atlanta
    • Various members – talks/posters at IFCC EuromedLab in Paris
    • McMillin – submission of a symposium proposal for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2015 meeting, developed with support from IATDMCT.
    • Activities associated with committee – outside IATDMCT -Refer to annual report on website, submitted earlier in 2015

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