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Alternative Sampling Strategies Committee

Rafael Linden


Rafael Linden
Novo Hamburgo, Brazil


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Alternative Sampling Strategies Committee

Jan-Willem Alffenaar ViceChair


Jan-Willem Alffenaar
Groningen, The Netherlands

Background & Purpose of the Committee

The committee brings scientists together who work in the field of alternative sampling / working with alternative samples. The aims are:

  • To promote exchange of information via providing a platform for easy, informal exchange of information;
  • To enhance collaboration between groups working on related subjects via extending the professional network; and
  • To encourage discussion on the latest developments in the field.

Past Years' Activities Held/Committee Initiatives

Committee Initiatives for 2018/2019

  • New project for the committee will be to write a review article for the special issue of TDM on alternative sampling to be published in February 2021
  • Guidelines on dried blood spot validation from a non-regulatory perspective were published in the TDM journal

Committee Initiatives for 2016/2017

  • Guidelines on dried blood spot validation from a non-regulatory perspective
  • Proficiency testing program for dried blood spot analysis

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2014/2015

  • Provided a comprehensive overview of the use of DBS for monitoring (markers of) drugs of abuse
  • Provided an update on the use of DBS for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring