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IATDMCT Daily Compass - 2017 Kyoto Congress - Wednesday, September 27

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Today’s Plenary Session

Dont miss today’s Plenary Session with speaker Michael Oellerich

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Circulating cell-free DNA as a new tool for personalized pharmacotherapy
Michael Oellerich

Molecular biomarkers have attracted special attention in transplantation because of the still unresolved problems that limit long-term outcomes. Biomarkers are especially needed that can be used to facilitate personalized immunosuppression. Therapeutic drug monitoring and conventional laboratory tests are not useful for the early detection of acute rejection. A particularly promising new approach for the early detection of graft rejection is based on the determination of graft-derived circulating cell-free DNA (GcfDNA). GcfDNA may also be useful to guide changes in immunosuppression and to monitor immunosuppression minimization.

The lecture will address key issues regarding the use of circulating tumor DNA as a liquid biopsy for molecular monitoring of chemo/immunotherapy in cancer as well as the use of biomarkers to monitor graft integrity and to personalize immunosuppression in solid organ transplantation. The rationale for using GcfDNA as a biomarker in transplantation will be explained and selected results of clinical studies in kidney, heart, lung and liver transplantation will be presented. This molecular approach promises to allow more personalized treatment that shifts emphasis from reaction to prevention, provides actionable healthcare information and improves outcomes at lower healthcare costs.

Main Program Topics Today

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Wednesday September 27
RT-27-1 Charles Arthur Peloquin
TDM of anti-tuberculosis treatment
RT-27-2 Hirotoshi Echizen
Individualization of warfarin dosing
RT-27-3 Manuela Neuman
Mitochondrial toxicity-liver toxicity
RT-27-4 Tomasz Pawinski
Implication of pharmacokinetics of immunosuppressive agents on TDM
RT-27-5 Tsuyoshi Fukuda and Chie Emoto
Improving pediatric dosing through allometric scaling, PopPK and PBPK modeling
RT-27-6 Tsuyoshi Shiga
Clinical uses of amiodarone
RT-27-7 Yasutsuna Sasaki
Clinical trials for anticancer agents
IATDMCT Scientific Committees: Today's Meetings Reminder

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend today’s IATDMCT Scientific Committee meetings.



September 27 07:00-08:30 TDM in Oncology Room 101
09:00-10:00 Toxicology and Environmental Health Committee Room 501
12:00-13:00 Pharmacometrics Room 101
13:30-15:30 Young Scientists Room 101

Meet our Newest Committee: Toxicology and Environmental Health Committee

Seeking Expressions of Interest for
Committee Members

The toxicological significance of exposure to environmental pollutants and the consequences on health for the general population are of increasing concern.

Better knowledge on human exposure to these compounds and how they can affect health outcomes is mandatory in order to create healthy environments and improve human health.

The scope of this new scientific committee includes the health aspects of environmental toxicology and more specifically focuses on human exposure assessment.

If you are already involved or wishing to become involved in this emerging field of toxicology, you are welcome to join the new scientific committee. Please get in touch!

venisse 150x200 Nicolas Venisse

kinniburgh 150x200 David Kinniburgh

contactus 75x46Contact Us!

Introducing the IATDMCT 2017-2019 Council

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A Message from Teun van Gelder, President 2017-2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

After having served for two years as your President-elect I am now ready to take up my role as President of IATDMCT. It is a privilege to work with the other members of the Executive Council, and with the Directors of Education and the Councillors.

Our Association is growing. Scientific achievements are becoming more and more impactful and practice guidelines do have a positive impact on patient management.

YS Corner: Meet the JSTDM and IATDMCT YS Chairs

Meet the JSTDM Young Scientist Chair

kato 150x200Name: Ryuji Kato
Affiliation: Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Current Research Interests:
Investigating the proper use of pharmaceutical products. I am currently developing a prediction and prevention system for serious drug side effects by utilizing pharmacokinetic and biomarker data.

What does it mean to the JSTDM Young Scientists to host the 3rd Joint JSTDM - IATDMCT Young Scientist Symposium here in Kyoto?
It is a valuable opportunity for us to host the 3rd Joint JSTDM - IATDMCT Young Scientist Symposium, because we can network with many overseas researchers. These worldwide professional connections will enable meaningful discussions that will broaden our viewpoints and better enable us to conduct effective research. The young scientists of JSTDM and IATDMCT can be motivated by each other through communication.

Meet the IATDMCT Young Scientist Chair

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Name: Markus R. Meyer
Affiliation: Saarland University, Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Current Research Interests:
All areas of analytical pharmacology and toxicology

What do you think are the main benefits to IATDMCT Young Scientists having the opportunity to participate in the 3rd Joint JSTDM - IATDMCT Young Scientist Symposium?
It is a unique opportunity for the JSTDM - IATDMCT Young Scientists to meet each other, to learn from each other, and to participate in an exciting symposium full of the latest research and developments in the field of TDM and CT. I personally hope that the symposium and particularly the YS social activities throughout the Congress will lead to great exchanges of ideas and thoughts and maybe even to new scientific collaborations.

Social Event of the Day: Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony
Location: Main Hall
16:00 - 17:00

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Please join us for the Closing Ceremony in the Main Hall.

  • Meet our New IATDMCT President Teun van Gelder (2017-2019)
  • Learn the results of the host for the IATDMCT 2021 Congress
  • Congratulate the winners of the Congress Presentation Awards
  • Closing remarks from our host Yusuke Tanigawara, 15th Congress Chair
    Take the opportunity say good bye to Kyoto a fantastic 4 days which truly has contributed to the Expansion and Evolution of TDM and CT internationally
  • Now let us travel to the 16th IATDMCT Congress, Brisbane, Australia for Top Science Down Under with Ross Norris and Andrew McLachlan (Congress Co-Chairs)
Thank you to our Sponsors

IATDMCT would like to express our sincerest thank to all our 2017 Congress Sponsors and Exhibitors for their generous support and would encourage you to visit them in the exhibit area and to attend the following Educational Lectures.

Educational Lectures -Wedenesday 27 September 2017
EL-15 10:30-11:20 Astellas Pharma Inc.
EL-16 11:30-12:00 Manuela Neuman (University of Toronto, Canada)
EL-17 13:30-14:20 Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.
EL-18 14:40:15:05 Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.
IATDMCT Post Congress Symposium

“Guidelines and Consensus Documents for TDM”
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Room D

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Guidelines on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of immunosuppressive, cardiovascular, antineoplastic and anti-infective drugs will be presented and discussed by international experts. Also, presentations about analytical methods including alternative sampling will be provided.

This is a very good opportunity to learn about the state of current developments and implementation of guidelines on TDM.

Do not miss it - Join us!

Brisbane Welcomes IATDMCT 2018

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Communications Committee Corner: Brisbane 2018

IATDMCT Blog: 16th IATDMCT Congress: Top Science Down Under

To help with the blues of the 2017 Kyoto Congress week coming to an end we are looking forward to the exciting upcoming IATDMCT 2018 Congress, Brisbane, Australia.

IATDMCT2018 Brisbane logo

16th IATDMCT Congress: Top Science Down Under
16-19 September 2018
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Nineteen years on from the 6th IATDMCT Congress in Cairns, Australia (1999) we are once again travelling down under.

Let's Meet the 2018 Brisbane Congress Organisers

» Read the Full article on the IATDMCT Blog!

Meet the 2018 Brisbane Congress Organisers

mclachlan 150x200
Andrew McLachlan
Congress Co-Chair

IATDMCT2018 Brisbane logo
See you in 2018!

norris 150x200
Ross Norris
Congress Co-Chair


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