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IATDMCT Daily Compass - 2015 Congress - Wednesday, October 14

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Today's Plenary Sessions

Roger BrüggemannWeP1 - Problems in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases and the Need for Individualization
Roger Brüggemann

Critically ill patients with life threatening infections often experience multi-organ failure. These patients who are frequently hemodynamic unstable, require aggressive therapeutic interventions that will impact the pharmacokinetics of antifungal drugs. Vice versa, antifungal drugs are not without side-effects likely causing a further deterioration of specific organ functions. Applying effective (and safe) drug regimens for these patients with the selection of the most appropriate drug and to optimize the exposure of these drug, requires understanding of the pharmacokinetics. In the treatment of infections in hematology and ICU patients, the heterogeneous nature of patients combined with limited evidence on how to manage these patients often leads to a high variability of applied drug regimens and regular off-label drug use. Failure to anticipate and monitor for changes in the pharmacokinetics of a drug can contribute to clinical failures or adverse drug events.

In this session I will discuss the general principles of PK of antimicrobial drugs and how critical illness can influence the specific pharmacokinetic phases (absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination).

For the purpose of this section, we will highlight relevant literature and characterize the impact of above mentioned factors on the PK profile and, where appropriate, provide general suggestions on how to adapt drug regimens to manage specific challenges. Finally recommendations will be made on the role of therapeutic drug monitoring to guide dosing in the setting of critical illness.

In short, the following will be addressed: (i) potential impact of critical illness on the pharmacokinetic (implications for absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination; including hepatic and renal dysfunction, extracorporeal elimination techniques etc; (ii) choice of drug in the setting of critical illness and specific organ dysfunction (including safety related aspects); and (iii) the role of TDM for dosage adjustment to achieve optimal drug exposure for individual patients in the setting of organ dysfunction.

Uwe ChristiansWeP2 - A Survey on Laboratory Practice Around the World
Uwe Christians

Reliable, accurate and precise test methods for the clinical therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of small molecule immunosuppressants such as tacrolimus, cyclosporine, sirolimus and everolimus are essential in order to effectively monitor levels and to make proper dose adjustments. Data from proficiency testing programs have shown substantial inter-laboratory variability. The aim of this study was to systematically document current practices utilized for immunosuppressant drug TDM in clinical laboratories and to identify methodological and practice differences which may cause the variability observed among laboratories. Data collection was conducted via a structured web-based survey distributed by IATDMCT. Surveys were completed by 76 laboratories in 14 countries. The results of our survey suggested that inter-laboratory variability is a multifactorial problem and that there are three main reasons:

  1. lack of standardization of laboratory procedures and workflows starting with sample collection and handling,
  2. lack of use of appropriate reference materials (e.g. isotope-labeled internal standards for LC/MS-MS), and
  3. poor compliance with internationally accepted good laboratory practice guidelines.

Technical level consensus and guidance on laboratory operational procedures, quality systems, and personnel training will be of great importance to improve quality and inter-laboratory comparability.

Main Program Topics Today
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Introducing the 2015-2017 IATDMCT Council

IATDMCT Council 2015-2017

Loralie langman
A Message from Loralie Langman, President 2015-2017

“The membership of the IATDMCT spans the globe, and we all share a common goal, to improve therapeutic management of patients and the practice of medicine worldwide. To that end, I would like to assist and improve the dissemination of best practices around the world, and to promote global collaborations. We may be separated by geography but we are united by science.

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Young Scientists Corner - What's Happening!

Meet your new Young Scientist Committee Chairs!

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Markus R. Meyer, Chair
Karolinska Institutet
Stockholm, Sweden

vanHest 120x160

Reinier van Hest, Vice-Chair
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Communications Committee

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Young Scientists in Action at the Rotterdam Congress!

The Science

  • 124 YS in attendance at the Congress
  • Approximately 100 attendees, consisting of both YS and non-YS scientists, joined us for the YS Symposium.
  • 45 YS Oral and 35 YS Poster Presentations
  • YS busy organising and participating in conference sessions

Social Events

  • Over 90 attendees joined us for the YS Lunch held in the Rountable Room on Monday
  • 75 YS enjoyed the YS Night Out starting from the De Witte Aap (The White Monkey) - with Special Thanks to Brenda de Winter, our local guide for the evening!
Social Event of the Day: Closing Ceremonies

Congress doelen 300Congress Closing Ceremonies
Location: Willem Burger Zaal

Don’t miss attending the closing ceremony in the Willem Burger Zaal.

  • Meet the winners of the Congress Presentation Awards
  • Learn the results of the host selection for the 2019 IATDMCT Congress
  • Let the organizers of the 2017 IATDMCT Congress in Kyoto give you an impression about their ideas for the next congress, and
  • Take the opportunity to say good bye to Rotterdam 2015 after 4 amazing days of an ALL TIME HIGH BELOW SEA LEVEL program and to say THANK YOU to the organizing committee for the excellent work.
Thank you to our Sponsors

IATDMCT would like to express our sincerest thank to all our 2015 Congress Sponsors for their generous support and would encourage you to visit them in the exhibit area.waters 250x124

Attend Today's Industry Workshop, brought to you by

Advances in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Using LC-MS/MS Technologies
Van Capellen Zaal

IATDMCT 2015 Post Congress

Pharmacometrics Symposium:
Translating PK/PD into Meaningful Recommendations for the Clinician
Thursday, October 15, 2015
0900-1700, De Doelen

Kyoto, Japan Welcomes IATDMCT 2017

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The 15th International Congress of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology will be held during Sunday, September 24 to Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan.

Chaired by Professor Yusuke Tanigawara, Keio University School of Medicine, the IATDMCT Congress will bring together international leading scientists and health care professionals who are actively working in therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical toxicology. Please join us to present your research, expand your knowledge, expand your network and make new friends.

See you in Kyoto in 2017!

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Daily Compass: October 14, 2015, Wednesday

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