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IATDMCT Daily Compass - 2015 Congress - Tuesday, October 13

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Today's Plenary Sessions

Barbara SibblesTuP2 - Alcohol Use in Pregnant Women and Effects on the Child
Barbara Sibbles

Adriaan LammertsmaTuP3 - PET-Imaging in Drug Development
Adriaan Lammertsma

Positron emission tomography (PET) is the most selective and sensitive (picomolar level) method for measuring molecular pathways and interactions in vivo. [18F]FDG PET is now accepted as a surrogate endpoint in the evaluation of novel anti-cancer therapies. Apart from this well-known application, PET has more to offer to drug development and treatment evaluation. It provides an in vivo means for determining both optimal dose and optimal dosing regimen for drugs that target receptors and/or enzymes. In addition, by labelling a drug with a positron emitter, it is possible to follow the fate of that drug in the human body and to establish whether local tissue concentrations are high enough for expecting a pharmacological effect.

Main Program Topics Today
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WeR2 How to set up a good DBS study
Joint IATDMCT and JSTDM Young Scientists Symposium
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Joint IATDMCT and JSTDM Young Scientists Symposium (TuS5)
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
10:30-12:00 Jurriaanse Zall

The Young Scientist (YS) educational event has become a successful and integral part of the Congress activities and provides a forum for YS to hold discussions amongst their peers. During this Congress the IATDMCT YS Committee is delighted to host the 2nd Joint symposium with our YS colleagues from the Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (JSTDM).

  • TDM Principles and Challenges - Focus on Antibiotic use in Critically Ill Patients
    By Reinier van Hest, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • TDM in Neonates/Infants with Congenital Heart Disease
    By Yuko Shimamoto, Osaka, Japan
  • TDM Guidelines of JSTDM
    By Takehito Yamamoto,Tokyo, Japan
  • The Basics of Pharmacogenetics and Toxicogenetics
    By Nicolas Picard, Limoges, France
  • Current Status of Clinical Toxicology in Japan
    By Ryuji Kato, Osaka, Japan
  • Are multi-analyte GC-MS and LC-MS/MS approaches with one-point calibration accurate enough for assessing the severity of acute poisonings?
    By Julian A Michely, Homburg (Saar), Germany
Welcome to the New Compass Editorial Team

IATDMCT is pleased to introduce the new Editorial Team of The Compass

Following the 2015 Congress, current Editors Maria Shipkova and Denise McKeown will step down and the new team will assume the responsibilities for the Newsletter and also become members of the IATDMCT Communications Committee. We wish them the greatest success!

Please join us in welcoming the new Editorial Team to the Compass.

Paula SchaiquevichPaula Schaiquevich
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am very pleased and honored to have been given the opportunity to be the Editor-in-Chief of the Compass. The newsletter plays a remarkable role in the communication among members of the IATDMCT to share scientific results, to facilitate potential collaborations between scientific groups even from distant parts of the world, to know about the personal scientific achievements of IATDMCT members and to know about different activities related to TDM around the world. I sincerely want to thank both Maria and Denise for their incredible work during these years and I hope that we, the new Compass editors, will carry on their legacy.

Edgar P Spencer
London, UK
Associate Editor

I have worked in the analytical sciences for over 35 years. As head of the TDM service at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital, London, I was well known for my work in the TDM of clozapine, olanzapine, other antipsychotics and antiepileptic drugs. I have co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed articles primarily in the field of drug analysis and a similar number of international conference abstracts. I joined IATDMCT in 1995 and have actively participated in every international congress from 1997-2011, and was co-chair of the Standards of Practice Committee from 2005-2011. The most memorable years of my long professional life has been the 20 years as member of this Association. It is an honour and a privilege to serve as a part of the editorial team of Compass during the twilight years of my career. It will be a great opportunity to keep in touch with advances in the field of TDM and CT and, hopefully to give something back to the Association to which I owe a great debt of gratitude.

Franck Saint-MarcouxFranck Saint-Marcoux
Limoges, France
Associate Editor

I am head of the clinical and forensic toxicology unit in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Department of Limoges University Hospital (France). I also hold the position of full Professor of Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Limoges. My research activity is focused on the development of PK/PD tools useful for a routine activity of TDM; a specific know-how I have learned year after year from Prof. Pierre Marquet. I joined the IATDMCT in 2003. During the past 12 years, the Association has always been a great source of satisfaction to me: the honor of collaborating with the greatest names in the TDM and CT fields, chairing a committee and becoming councilor, and having received awards (best oral presentation and the Patsalos Prize). It has also offered me the incomparable happiness in sharing unforgettable moments with numerous members all around the world. The fact of joining the editorial team of Compass is not only a new honor, but also a way to express my sincere gratitude to the Association and its members.

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IATDMCT's Newest Scientific Committee: TDM in Oncology

IATDMCT is pleased to announce our newest Scientific Committee, discussing the application of TDM in Oncology.

Tanigawara 120x160Clarke 120x160“A great deal of attention has been given to personalized cancer therapy in recent years, and there is a large clinical demand for individualized dosing and precision medicine. Scientific and clinical evidence is increasing to show monitoring of drug concentrations or genomic variations are useful for providing more efficacious and safer cancer therapy. Now, it is a time to make our society’s commitment to oncology.”

~ Committee Chair Yusuke Tanigawara, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan (left) and Vice-Chair William Clarke, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA

All IATDMCT members who are interested in Oncology are invited to join the Committee. For more infomation, please Contact the Committee Chairs.

Social Event of the Day: Congress Dinner & Party

Congress Dinner 300x249Congress Dinner & Party
Location: Laurenskere (St Laurence Church)

Located in the Laurenskerk (St Laurence Church), the oldest building in Rotterdam, the Congress Dinner & Party promises to be a great experience.

Meet your colleagues in a wonderful atmosphere; enjoy special Dutch delicacies complemented by entertainment. The motto remains "All time high below sea level".

Dennis' Insider's Guide to Rotterdam

By Dennis Hesselink

For those of you who after (or during) a hard day’s work feel the need for some fresh air, I can recommend several parks. Contrary to popular belief, Rotterdam is a city with quite some green. Perhaps the most beautiful and the least well-known garden of the city is the Arboretum Trompenburg. This 150-year old garden is famous for its collection of oaks and beeches. It also harbors sequoia, cypress and gingko biloba trees. Take the subway to “Voorschoterlaan” and stroll for 15 minutes through the beautiful residential area of Kralingen (where the author unfortunately does not live) to get there. Alternatively, the garden can be reached easily by taking the tram (lines 21 or 7; get off at the stops “Woudestein” or “Erasmus University”). A visit can be combined with lunch at the neighboring restaurant “In den Rustwat” (which translates into “in the take a rest”), an inn dating from 1597.

Wijkpark 250x187Just opposite the Doelen conference center and in the middle of Chinatown, there’s the Wijkpark Oude Westen (left). This park is best known for the statue of the Reus van Rotterdam (“the giant of Rotterdam”). This life-size statue depicts Rigardus Rijnhout who suffered from acromegaly and with his 238 cm (and 230 kg bodyweight and shoe size 62) was one of the tallest Dutchmen to have ever lived (admittedly, the tallest Dutchman was born in Amsterdam and was 3 cm taller).

Within walking distance from the conference venue, there’s the museum park which houses the museum Boijmans van Beuningen and the Kunsthal. The latter was designed by the famous and Rotterdam-born architect Rem Koolhaas. Unlike the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, you won’t have to que up and wait for hours to get into Boijmans and see the collection which includes works by Rembrandt, Dürer, van Gogh, Monet, Kandinsky, Dalí, Magritte, and Warhol. I can also recommend the exhibition “from Bosch to Bruegel” and “Keith Haring: The Political Line” which are currently on show in Boijmans and the Kunsthal, respectively.

Veerhaven 250x187

For the romantics, I would advise to take a walk around the Veerhaven (right). Within walking distance from the congress venue, this area harbors many monumental buildings including the Jugendstil style building of the royal row and sailing society. From the quays of the Veerhaven one has the best view over the Maas river and the “Kop van Zuid” (a.k.a. little Manhattan). This area houses many restaurants and cafes, including my favorites Zeezout, Huson, the Michelin-star winning Wereldmuseum, Z&M , Zinc and La Stanza.

Watertaxi 250x187

From the Veerhaven one can also take a “Watertaxi” for a spectacular ride over the river. Visit hotel New York on the south bank of the river. This building is the former headquarters of the Holland-America line. Millions of people left from its terminal to go to America in the early 20th century. Today it houses a hotel, N.Y.C. style barbershop, and a very nice grand café. A little upstream, and also reachable by watertaxi, is the stadium of Feijenoord, one of the three football clubs from Rotterdam. Unfortunately the team won’t be playing this week but for the true football aficionados there are tours on the holy ground (

Delfshaven is one of the most ancient and original boroughs of Rotterdam. Founded in 1389 it became the harbor of the city of Delft only to be incorporated in Rotterdam in 1886. It is the birthplace of the admiral Piet Hein (who became famous for capturing a Spanish silver fleet in 1628) and the painter Kees van Dongen who later became a member of the group of artists called les fauves (the “wild beasts”) when in Paris. Delfshaven still has many historical and picturesque houses and buildings, including a typical (and active) Dutch windmill. Of special interest to our guests from the United States and the U.K. is the Pilgrims church originally built in 1417. It was from Delfshaven that the Pilgrim Fathers boarded their ship the “Speedwell” to sail for the New World. A plaque and stained glass window commemorates this event ( Located next to the church is the Pilgrim beer brewery ( Taste the “fluid gold of Rotterdam” in the café-restaurant or have a drink in one of the other “brown cafes” in Delfshaven. Delfshaven can be reached easily by subway (Stop Delfshaven) or simply walk all the way down the Nieuwe Binnenweg, one of my favorite streets in town.

Thank you to our Sponsors

IATDMCT would like to express our sincerest thank to all our 2015 Congress Sponsors for their generous support and would encourage you to visit them in the exhibit area.diamond thermo 300x182

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Lab of Tomorrow: Challenges and Solutions
Van Capellen Zaal

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Daily Compass: October 13, 2015, Tuesday

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