International Association of
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology
Fostering education, research and practice in TDM and CT

SECTION 4: Membership

4.1 Class of Membership
There shall be three classes of membership:

  • Active: Scientists and practitioners who through publications, practices, or activities have demonstrated an interest in TDM or Clinical Toxicology are eligible to become members.
  • Honorary: The Association can at its discretion confer Honorary Membership on selected groups.
  • Organizational: The Association can at its discretion confer organization membership on selected groups. These professional societies or individual members who may benefit from the activities, educational and/or research, may be recommended for membership either as an individual and/or organizational membership group.

4.2. Eligibility
Any interested person shall be eligible for membership.

4.3 Application
Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Association and shall be acted upon in accordance with procedures established by the Council.

4.4 Rights and Privileges
Active Members shall be eligible to vote on matters described under these Bylaws and are eligible to hold office. Other members shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office. Other members may attend all meetings, to receive all information, and otherwise to participate in the affairs of the Association. Active members shall receive the newsletter of the Association without charge.

4.5 Dues
The dues for each category of membership shall be established by the Council once each year for the following year.

4.6 Resignation
Resignation from membership shall be made in writing to the Association.