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Highlights of the Resources Area for IATDMCT Members


This month we highlight the Member's only Resources Area which offers content from meetings, including congresses and regional meetings, as well as content proposed by the diverse scientific committees. These are grouped by multimedia type. In this post we share the content available to date, and invite members to continue contributing.


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Interview with Roger Jelliffe

It was a real honour to hear from doctor Roger Jelliffe this month: if we talk about IATDMCT heroes, he would be closer to a super hero status. Dr Jelliffe shares his extraordinary career in modelling drug behaviour, and its use for dose adaptation and personalization of therapy, mixing in ideas along the way from nuclear science, aerospace engineering and astronomy.


Roger Jelliffe
Consultant Clinical Pharmacologist, Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics
University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA, USA

The June 2016 Compass

Many thanks to the Compass Editorial Team:

Paula Schaiquevich
Edgar Spencer
Franck Saint-Marcoux.

I really enjoyed the June 2016 Compass. Have you read it yet?


I thought I would briefly overview the reports as a reminder of this fantastic space we have for sharing amongst our members. The Compass is a member only benefit, so we recommend sharing the news with your colleagues who might not be members.  You could forward this blog post, or the monthly E-News, or boldly send them an IATDMCT membership application form!

Interview with Ofelia Noceti, National Center for Liver Transplantation and Liver Diseases, Montevideo, Uruguay

Ofelia Noceti 150x200

This month Ofelia Noceti, active IATDMCT member and collaborator with the Immuosuppressive Drugs Committee and its Biomarkers Working Group, shares her experiences as a clinical pharmacologist in liver transplant and disease, and the challenges of implementing biomarker research findings in clinical practice.


Ofelia Noceti
National Center for Liver Transplantation and Liver Diseases
Hospital Central de las Fuerzas Armadas
Montevideo, Uruguay

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