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Interview with Sophie Stocker

Sophie Stocker

Sophie Stocker shares about her research aimed at answering clinically relevant questions, often posed in the course of work by hospital staff. Look out for two oral presentations of Sophie's contributed work at the congress, 'A time and motion study of phlebotomists’ work' and 'Vancomycin: Improving prescribing practices', as well as a presentation in the Symposium ‘Emerging TDM technologies and obstacles to widespread use’ on Wednesday (see preliminary program).


Sophie Stocker

Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, St Vincent’s Hospital

Conjoint Senior Lecturer, St Vincent’s Clinical School, University of NSW, Sydney, AU

Interview with Andrew McLachlan

Andrew McLachlan

It's a treat for me to hear from Andrew, who was one of my favourite lecturers during my Pharmacy studies at Sydney University, and certainly someone who contributed to my passion for research. Andrew shares about research work at the Faculty, where he is Dean, which combines in vitro, PKPB modelling and various types of clinical data to answer questions about drug interactions. Andrew will co-chair the ‘Translational science of antidoping – investigating pure performance’ symposium at the Congress on Tuesday (see preliminary program).


Andrew McLachlan

Head of School and Dean of Pharmacy

Sydney Pharmacy School

University of Sydney, AU

Interview with Indy Sandaradura

Indy Sandaradura

Indy Sandaradura shares how through the development of antimicrobial assays and new user-friendly Bayesian tools they have been able to improve clinical outcomes at his centre. Indy has worked very hard to ensure Young Scientists will have an excellent time at the congress through YS social and networking activities, and will co-chair the Young Scientist Symposium on Wednesday (see preliminary program).


Indy Sandaradura

Infectious Diseases Physician and Clinical Microbiologist, Westmead Hospital

Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, AU

Interview with Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Leading up to the Congress in Brisbane, we will hear from top colleagues from Down Under. This month, Jenny Martin shares about her experiences in developing assays for oncology treatments, where toxicities can be devastating, and personalization of therapy can make a big difference. Jenny will be presenting at the 'Education in TDM and CT Symposium', the first time this important topic has a dedicated space in one of our congresses. She will also be chairing two symposia on the hot topic, Medicinal Cannabis (see preliminary program).


Jennifer Martin

Chair of Clinical Pharmacology

School of Medicine and Public Health

University of Newcastle, AU

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