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What is new about the exposome?

Nicolas Venisse

This month we highlight a recent Compass piece by Nicolas Venisse, written on behalf of the Toxicology and Environmental Health Committee. This relatively recent committee was founded in 2017 and has already achieved an important place in the Association. Nicolas writes about the exposome, a concept that is receiving increased attention due to recent technological advancements in analytical chemistry and data processing. Work in this area promises to shed light on the complex relationships between environmental factors and diseases.


Nicolas Venisse
Toxicology and Pharmacokinetics Department
Clinical Investigation Centre
University Hospital, Poitiers, France

IATDMCT Website Revamp: What’s in it for me?

This month I wanted to congratulate Alain and Ofelia, on behalf of the Communication’s Committee, for their recent work on our website and highlight a few of the changes that have happened; these were recently covered by them in the recent September Compass issue. The revamp of the resources section deserves special mention as it has made navigation and access to recorded materials very straightforward for members. Ofelia very kindly shared web analytics insights to answer the question: "Who is looking at our website?"

IATDMCT Concludes Its First Successful Digital Congress


Last month’s digital congress was a first for the Association. The organising committee did an extraordinary job putting together fourteen concurrent symposia and two excellent plenary sessions. After congresses I usually comment on unofficial prizes, such as the best dancer at the Gala dinner, or exceptional effort at karaoke (which, of course, does not necessarily mean greatest singer!). Unfortunately, these were not possible to determine by a digital format. Fortunately, there were notable instances of connection with the audience and our greater community that deserve special mention. Read on for the winners of these unofficial awards.


If you’re reading this far, it means that you are interested to see the results of the unofficial IATDMCT awards, so I won’t tease you any further. The prizes below reflect those presentations I saw and the efforts that picked up my attention. Apologies if there were great examples that I’ve missed from the other sessions. If you spotted other excellent examples, please get in touch and we can look at doing a Part 2 article if there are sufficient candidates. You can reach me here on Twitter.

Message from the Banff 2020 Local Organizing Committee

Virtual 2020

This month we present a message from David and Penny of the Local Organizing Committee for this years' Banff Congress. Although we all share their disappointment that the event was ultimately cancelled, we are very excited to participate in the digital version of the congress, a first for our Association.


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